Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Stuck for ideas this Fathers Day???

Men love beer. They are also easily pleased.

This is great news when it comes to choosing him the ideal gift for Fathers’ Day.

What better than 12 bottles of artisan Ales, Ciders and Perries to bring joy?

And buying beer-related joy has never been easier, thanks to realbeerbox.com. A couple of clicks’ or a phone call to our friendly experts, and a case of delicious beer is on its way.

Each bottle is selected by champion brewers at the Otley Brewing Company, who have chosen quality Real Ales, Ciders and Perries from the best producers from across the UK.

You can make up your own box from more than 120 Ales, Ciders and Perries in stock. Or if you’d prefer, we’ve already made up a selection of 12-bottle gift boxes.

Each box is delivered the next day, and includes a gift card with your own personalized, loving message.

So don’t waste precious time this Fathers Day thinking of elaborate presents for men. It’s not worth it. Spend the time on yourself instead. And if you give us beer … well. We are putty in your hands.

How to order

It’s easy to order online, through www.realbeerbox.com. Or call 01443 400098 and speak to our friendly experts.

Presents men love

Tool belts
The Sky Sports bundle

Presents men pretend to like, but don’t

Socks with an amusing cartoon motif

Presents men unequivocally hate

Dressing gowns
Most other non-beer items

Beer/gift facts
* Men who receive beer as a gift are 87% more likely to buy their partner diamonds in return.
* Men who drink beer responsibly are 92% more excellent in bed than men who don’t.
* Men who receive the gift of beer are 88% happier and more obliging when it comes to stuff like the bins, and folding    clothes neatly.

* Statistics compiled from a poll of several men in the Pontypridd area recently

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