Monday, 21 March 2011

Otley - O-Garden - 4.8% ABV

·    Nose: In your face, herbal, spiced filled aromas.
·    Taste: Burst of initial citrus followed by an intense spicy bitterness. A long lasting herbal finish that is not over-powering. 
·    Design: The bottle design cries out, “Pick Me, Pick Me.” Simplistic and classy; everything you could want from a modern day real ale.
·    Overall Impression: A treat for every sense.


  1. We baron rated this beer very recently, I'll see if I can get the audio review up tonight so that you can see what we thought of it...

  2. That would be very much appreciated. Hopefully I'm not too far off the money

  3. Well, I think I pretty much agreed with all your notes except for the toffee kick at the end, and thats because my palate is still learning. Thanks for that